How to Move a Piano (and Why You Shouldn’t Do it Yourself)

Taha Removals is a professional removal company based in London, offering insured and fully licensed removal services. With over 13 years of experience, our team of experts can safely transport all your belongings, including delicate items like pianos.

Our experienced team offer complete removals in London, in addition to specialist piano moving services to help preserve your treasured instrument, without damaging your home or commercial property. Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial removals services, call Taha Removals today!

What you need to move a piano

When moving a piano, having the right equipment and team is crucial. At Taha Removals, we use custom dollies and lifting gear designed specifically for moving pianos without damage. We also send a crew of 4-5 removal professionals who are experienced in manoeuvring pianos.

They will bring straps, protective blankets, ramps, and other specialty moving equipment. For tricky staircases, we may use a special stair climbing dolly. We also examine access points like doorways and corridors to determine the safest route before attempting the move.

How to move an upright piano by yourself

While it’s not impossible to move an upright piano alone, it is an extremely difficult and potentially dangerous task. Upright pianos can weigh anywhere from 300 to 1000 lbs. Attempting improper lifting techniques could lead to serious injury. However, if you must move an upright solo, follow these key steps:

Measuring the upright piano dimensions

Before moving, measure the upright piano’s height, depth, and width to ensure it will fit through hallways and doorways along the intended moving route. Uprights are approximately 5 ft tall by 2 ft deep. Clear a pathway by moving other furniture if needed.

Proceed with the moving process

You likely will need to tilt the piano backwards to install moving straps beneath it. Use extreme caution lifting one end at a time, keeping your back straight and knees bent. The simplest method is to slide the upright piano on its rear wheels or casters using straps for control. Go slowly to avoid potential tipping accidents.

How to move a grand piano

Grand pianos require even more special attention during moves because they are wider and sit close to the ground on short legs. Their additional size and shape make navigation tricky. Piano movers use special skid boards to carefully “walk” the grand piano during transportation.

How to move a baby grand piano

Baby grand pianos measure approximately 5 ft long. While smaller than concert grands, baby grands still range from 400 to 800 lbs. At least 2-3 strong people are needed to safely lift and manoeuvre a baby grand. Straps should be centred beneath the body to keep it balanced. Take small coordinated steps when carrying.

How to move a piano on a carpet

Piano wheels or casters can catch on carpet fibres, making it difficult to roll across rooms. In this case, our piano movers carefully tilt and lift the piano onto a thick blanket. We then use the blanket as a slipcover to smoothly slide the piano over carpeting without snagging or causing damage.

How to move a piano on hardwood floors

Hardwood floors offer the least resistance for rolling pianos. However, they also increase the risk of scuffs and scratches occurring. We take preventative steps like covering the piano’s existing wheels/casters with layers of padding before attempting to roll it over hardwood flooring. Slow, controlled movements are key.

How to move a piano up a ramp

For small single step entries, we may gently tilt the piano on its rear frame to manoeuvre the wheels on the lip of the ramp or stairs. Straps are used to stabilise and lift the opposite end simultaneously. On larger staircases, we securely strap the piano onto a specialty dolly equipped with tracks to safely transport it up and down steps.

How to move an upright piano downstairs

Manoeuvring a piano downstairs adds risk of falling if not handled correctly. With uprights, we often transport them back down the stairs. Stair climbing dollies provide increased control over the descent. Additional movers guide the top corners to prevent accidental tipping as the base is slowly rolled down each step.

How to move an upright piano upstairs

We have special techniques for safely carrying upright pianos up staircases. Typically professional piano movers will remain stationed below the piano body. They lift and pivot from the base while a second team guides the piano top through the doorway above. Communicating positions frequently allows coordinated upright piano ascension without injuries.

Why You Shouldn’t Move a Piano By Yourself

Attempting to move any piano alone is extremely strenuous and unsafe. The extreme weight and awkward shape make balancing nearly impossible without 4-5 trained movers working together. Sudden slips could crush hands or feet if a corner unexpectedly dips. Hiring professional piano movers protects both the instrument and your health using specialised equipment.

Why You Need to Call in the Professionals for Piano Moves

From transportation logistics to navigating staircases, correctly moving pianos requires substantial skill. Our experienced staff have moved thousands of pianos without incidents through intricate London buildings. We own the proper equipment like lifting straps, dollies, and ramps that the average person lacks access to or knowledge using. Protect your investment and body by letting Taha Removals handle your London piano removal needs.

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