Moving Boroughs in London – The Essential Checklist

Here at Taha Removals, we have over 13 years of experience helping people move between boroughs in London. As the leading removals company in London and the surrounding areas, we understand how stressful and complicated moving boroughs can be. That’s why we’ve put together this essential checklist covering everything you need to consider when moving between boroughs in the UK capital.

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Notify Your Local Council:

One of the first things you’ll need to do when moving boroughs in London is notify your local council. This ensures your name is removed from the electoral register at your old address and added to the new one. Be sure to notify them at least 4-6 weeks in advance of moving day.

The easiest way is to fill out the registration form on your new borough’s website. Have your previous and new address details handy. Some boroughs may also require additional proof of identity documents to complete the registration.

Getting on the electoral roll is crucial for credit applications and to ensure you receive any council communications about local services.

Arrange Utilities & Services:

The next step is organising all your home utilities and services. This includes:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Broadband
  • TV Licence
  • Phone/Mobile
  • Waste collection

You’ll need to contact each provider to cancel or transfer services. Give them at least 2 weeks’ notice of the move date. For some services, you may need to set them up at the new property in advance.

Having all your utilities sorted will ensure there’s no nasty surprises on moving day. The last thing you want is moving into your new home and finding you have no electricity!

Consider Transportation Needs:

How will you transport all your belongings to your new borough? Do you need to hire a removal company or could you move everything yourself?

Here at Taha Removals, our experienced team can facilitate all aspects of your borough move. From packing and transport through to helping unpack at your new property. We have 13+ years experience conducting seamless borough moves in London.

Hiring professionals takes the stress out of moving day. We have all the necessary equipment and manpower to transport bulky furniture and items. Let us sweat the small stuff so you can focus on settling into your new borough!

Update Personal Records:

Once you have a moving date confirmed, the next step is updating your personal records to reflect the new address. This includes:

  • Bank & Financial Accounts
  • Tax & Government Services
  • Insurance Policies
  • GP/Dentist/Specialists
  • Memberships & Subscriptions
  • Vehicle Registration

Leave plenty of time to notify each organisation and service — at least 4 weeks notice is recommended. Failing to update your critical records can lead to missed payments, appointments and penalties.

Having all your personal admin in order makes adjusting to your new borough much smoother. You can hit the ground running without loose ends from your old address.

Explore Your New Area:

Moving boroughs means adapting to a new location and community. Be sure to explore the area and get familiar with key spots like:

  • Local shops & restaurants
  • Parks & recreation facilities
  • Public transport links
  • Schools & childcare
  • Healthcare services
  • Places of worship

Understanding the lay of the land helps you settle in faster. Look into things like parking permits, local events and community groups too.

The more informed you are about your new borough, the easier the transition will be. It will start feeling like home in no time at all!

Moving Day Prep:

Don’t underestimate the importance of properly preparing for moving day itself:

  • Clear out unwanted belongings beforehand
  • Label boxes by room for easy unpacking
  • Pack an essentials box with items you’ll need first
  • Take metre readings at both properties
  • Collect keys for new property in advance
  • Confirm removal team arrival time
  • Check parking restrictions for the moving vehicle
  • Keep copies of key documents handy for the day

Being organised and having a moving plan allows everything to run more smoothly. It also gives you peace of mind knowing things are under control!

Enjoy Your New Borough!

Finally, once all the stress of relocating boroughs is over — it’s time to enjoy your new community! Introduce yourself to the neighbours, explore local hotspots and settle into the new routine.

We wish you all the very best for your upcoming borough move. The team here at Taha Removals will make the whole process hassle-free from start to finish. Contact us today to get a customised quote for your relocation needs.

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