Preparing Electrical Appliances for Removals

Kitchen Appliances

Always drain freezers, washing machines and fridge freezers as part of the removals preparation process.  We advise using a small clear food bag for the plugs and taping these to the appliance safely to ensure that these are not damaged in transit or hanging lose.  We also advise checking that the doors are closed and secured safely so that they do not get damaged in transit. 

Other appliances that you may wish to use quickly at the other end of the move such as kettles, toasters, microwaves and air fryers should be boxed and labeled accordingly so that these can be found quickly. 

Televisions, Audio and Computer Equipment

For Televisions, home cinema, surround sound, digital boxes, DVDs and video machines, it is important to mark cables clearly to help reconnect efficiently at your new home.  We would recommend taking, videos, photos and written notes to help you should you get stuck when reconnecting the audio and sound systems. 

Computes, printers and hard drives when putting away should be boxed, marked and packaged securely in boxes or crates.   We would recommend that the cables, mice, computer keyboards and ancillaries are kept with each device to ensure that time is not wasted sorting through different cables or leads. 


If you do possess a sunbed or any other tanning machines, please advise at the time of survey so that we can make appropriate arrangements for the safe and secure movement of these.   We will take extra care on these items