Why Use Removals Hoists When Moving Home in London?

Here at Taha Removals, we are the leading provider of professional removal services across London and the South East. Our experienced team offers a wide range of services to facilitate all your moving and storage needs, including the use of specialist removal hoists. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about removal hoists and how they can help with your upcoming home move in London.

What are Removal Hoists

A removal hoist, or furniture hoist, is a powerful lifting device that allows large, heavy items of furniture or other belongings to be safely raised or lowered between floors during a house move. Hoists can lift items weighing over 100kg and are often used when moving items like pianos, safes, large appliances, and furniture into or out of upper-floor flats and houses.

Removal hoists consist of a lifting platform or cradle that is raised and lowered by a system of pulleys and cables operated either manually or via an electric motor. The item to be moved is securely loaded onto the cradle which is then carefully hoisted up the outside of the building, passing by windows and other potential obstacles. An experienced operator ensures safe passage to the destination floor.

How Do Removal Hoists Work?

There are two main types of removal hoist used in London house moves:

Manual hoists operate via a rope and pulley system that requires physical effort from the operators to lift and lower items. The item is loaded onto a cradle which is then manually hoisted up the side of the property using ropes and a pulley system fixed to the upper floors/roof. This allows extremely large and heavy objects to be lifted.

Electric hoists feature an electric motor and allow the raising and lowering of items via a push button control panel. This allows for more precision and is less physically demanding than a manual hoist. Electric hoists can lift items quickly and safely up to heights of 50 feet or more.

In both cases, removal hoists must be securely rigged and anchored to the building and used by specially trained operators to ensure maximum safety during the lifting process. Extra care is taken when passing by windows, overhangs and other potential obstacles.

When are Removal Hoists Useful?

Removal hoists are extremely useful when moving large, heavy or awkwardly shaped items between floors in London properties. Typical situations where a removal hoist can help include:

Can a Removal Hoist Help Me Move a Piano?

Yes, a removal hoist is ideal for safely lifting heavy musical instruments like pianos and organs up to higher floors. Our expert team will use specialist piano skates and straps to securely load your instrument onto the hoist cradle. We’ll then operate the hoist to gently raise or lower your piano into your new home.

Can a Removal Hoist Help Me Move a Wardrobe?

Removal hoists enable us to safely lift and manoeuvre oversized wardrobes and room-sized furniture up to your new bedroom when the stairs are too narrow. We’ll dismantle and load the item then reassemble it seamlessly inside.

Can a Removal Hoist Help Me Move a Desk?

Hoists allow unusually sized or shaped desks and office furniture to be lifted between floors during an office relocation. We’ll securely load your furniture onto the cradle and operate the hoist to move items safely inside.

Can a Removal Hoist Help Me Move a Table?

Yes, luxury dining tables, bulky sideboards and other wooden furniture can be difficult to angle up narrow stairwells. A removal hoist enables safe vertical transport directly into your property.

Can a Removal Hoist Help Me Move a Bookshelf?

Oversize bookcases and media units are easily lifted using a removal hoist. We’ll dismantle units if needed and reassemble furniture seamlessly on arrival.

Are Removal Hoists Expensive?

The cost of using a removal hoist will depend on the type of system used and how many items need to be moved. Manual hoists often cost less than electric systems but may require more physical work. Overall though, removal hoists provide excellent value when you consider the safety and efficiency benefits they bring to complex upper floor moves.

Our expert team is happy to provide no obligation quotes outlining projected hoist costs for your upcoming London move. We always aim to keep our services competitively priced.

Do I Need a Permit to Use a Removal Hoist?

Yes, legal permission will be required from local authorities before a removal hoist can be installed outside your London property. However, the process of obtaining permits and planning the hoist positioning is all handled by our professional team at Taha Removals. We’ll liaise with all necessary authorities to arrange permits on your behalf prior to your move date.

Do I Need to Call in Professional Movers to Use a Removal Hoist?

Only trained professionals should operate removal hoists so it’s essential to leave the process in the hands of expert removals crews like Taha Removals when moving home in London. Our specialist team has years of experience using hoists to facilitate complex upper floor moves in the capital. We provide all necessary equipment and will securely attach the hoist to your building as well as loading and operating it during your house move. For maximum safety and efficiency, removal hoists should only be used by seasoned removal experts.

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If your upcoming house move involves navigating tight stairwells or transporting bulky items between upper floors, a removal hoist could provide the ideal lifting solution. As London’s leading removals experts, Taha Removals offers professional hoist services to smoothly handle tricky item transfers during your upcoming home or office move.

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