Why You Need to Choose an Insured Removals Company in London

Taha Removals is a professional removal service based in London, offering a wide range of services including house removals, office moves, storage solutions, packing and more. With over 13 years of experience providing stress-free removals in London, Taha Removals is dedicated to customer service and ensures all moves are handled efficiently.

Removals Insurance Cover

When hiring a removals company in London, it’s absolutely vital that they have adequate insurance cover. At Taha Removals, we hold comprehensive goods in transit insurance as well as public liability insurance to protect our customers. Our removals insurance covers any damage or loss to your items while they are in our care, giving you complete peace of mind.

Specifically, our transit insurance covers items up to a value of £10,000 per move. This covers unforeseen incidents like traffic accidents, fire, flooding and theft. For high value or specialist items, additional insurance can be arranged as required.

What Does A Removals Company Mean By ‘Limited Liability’?

Some removals companies may state they have ‘limited liability’ when it comes to damages. This essentially means that if any of your items incur damage during the moving process, you may only be covered for a small portion of that item’s value.

For example, if you had a £1,000 TV that was damaged, the removals company may only cover up to £100 or £200 towards its repair or replacement. This leaves you footing the majority of the cost, despite the damage occurring in their care.

At Taha Removals, this is not the case. Our comprehensive insurance policy means that in the unlikely event of damage, you would be covered for the full repair or replacement cost up to £10,000. We do not try to limit our liability.

If there is damage or negligence, what am I covered for?

At Taha Removals, our transit insurance policy covers you in the event of damage or negligence while your items are in our care. Specifically, you would be covered for:

  • Full repair or replacement cost of damaged items, up to £10,000 per move
  • Loss of items, up to £10,000 per move
  • Accidental damage to property at your collection or delivery address

Our public liability insurance also covers any injury incurred due to negligence by our staff while completing your house removal.

You have complete peace of mind that despite our best efforts, if any unforeseen incidents occur, our comprehensive insurance policies have you covered.

How long do I have to make a claim?

For insurance claims related to goods damaged in transit, you must notify Taha Removals as soon as possible. Ideally, any damages should be reported immediately at the time of delivery and signed off by our team leader.

Insurance providers typically give customers up to 7 days from the delivery date to formally submit claims for compensation. The quicker you report any issues, the sooner we can resolve matters and process your claim.

Does home insurance usually cover removals?

Standard home insurance policies generally do not include coverage for damages that occur during the removals process. Insurance providers see this as too high-risk to include alongside typical home, contents and possessions cover.

Instead, specialist goods in transit insurance like that held by Taha Removals is recommended. Our policy is designed specifically to give you peace of mind during the high-risk removals and transit process. This ensures any damages will be covered, without you having to make a claim against your own home insurance policy.

How Much Does Public Liability Insurance for Movers Cost?

For removals companies, public liability insurance can cost anywhere from £50 to a few hundred pounds per year depending on policy specifics. At Taha Removals, we are fully insured with comprehensive public liability and goods in transit coverage. The exact cost of our insurance packages allows us to provide insured, professional removals services across London.

You can rest assured that by appointing Taha Removals, you benefit from our insurance protection without that cost being passed on to you through inflated prices. We absorb insurance costs as part of maintaining our trusted, professional removals services in London communities.

Is Removals Insurance Worth It?

Absolutely – having a removals company that carries comprehensive goods in transit and public liability insurance should be a prerequisite before appointing them. Without adequate coverage, any damages can leave you massively out of pocket for high-value items.

Paying slightly more for an insured removals specialist like Taha Removals gives you complete peace of mind that your items and property are covered. Too many households and offices choose ‘cheap’ movers only to regret it if any incidents occur down the track. This leaves them unable to claim damages and facing huge repair and replacement bills.

Don’t take chances with non-insured movers. Taha Removals’ total insurance protection is worth every penny for risk-free, stress-free removals in London.

For Local Removals in London You Can Trust, Call Taha Removals

For professional, insured removals services across London, get in touch with the team at Taha Removals today on 020 8665 2123. With over 13 years serving local communities, we are London’s trusted removals experts dedicated to efficient, hassle-free moves. Our full goods in transit and public liability insurance gives you peace of mind that your precious items and property are in safe hands. For a quote on your upcoming local house or office move get in touch today.